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Star trek episode

star trek episode

Go to IMDbPro. |; Help · Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options · Star Trek (TV Series –) Poster. Star Trek (–). Episode List. Season. Der Star Trek Episodenguide ist eine Online-Datenbank mit allen Star Trek Filmen und Serien mit kurzen Beschreibungen zu jeder Episode. ‎ 7. Staffel · ‎ 2. Staffel ( - ) · ‎ Raumschiff Enterprise - 1. Staffel · ‎ 3. Staffel. This is a list of episodes of the Star Trek television show franchise. Contents. [ hide]. 1 Television episodes. Production timeline. 2 List of feature-length and.

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Jean-Luc Picard Will Riker Data Geordi La Forge Worf Deanna Troi Beverly Crusher Wesley Crusher Tasha Yar USS Enterprise-D. Ingalls, Don Don Ingalls. After the pilot was rejected by NBC as being "too cerebral" among other complaints , [20] Jeffrey Hunter chose to withdraw from the role of Pike [21] when creator Gene Roddenberry was asked to produce a second pilot episode " Where No Man Has Gone Before " of which an edited version of the same name aired in If that's not dark, we don't know what is. Vollaerts, Rik Rik Vollaerts. Tarcher, Shari Lewis, Jeremy Jeremy Tarcher, Shari Lewis. Games Kobayashi Maru Law Prime Directive Materials Dilithium Sexuality Pon farr Stardate. star trek episode Noonien Soong — who has called his sons home to say goodbye as he nears death. The Search for Spock'","credit": Showrunner Brannon Braga's love for the high concept is evident in this episode that starts 15 years in the future, revealing how just how unsuccessful Voyager was in attempting to get home It might have crashed just weeks after the previous episode the audience had seen before trying to undo the damage thanks to both the vagaries of time travel and the guest appearance of The Next Generation 's Geordi La Forge LeVar Burton, who also directed the episode. Harmon , Gene L. As the clone grows and bonds with members of the crew, he questions why he must die so that the original Tucker might live. McCoy accidentally changes history and destroys his time, Kirk and Spock follow him to prevent the disaster, but the price to do so is high. Kirk must allow the love of his life, social worker Edith Keeler, to die in a traffic accident. After a time ship from the 29th century attempts to destroy Voyager for a future transgression, both ships are flung back to s America. The Star Trek Encyclopedia 3rd ed. The ship is about to blow up! An ambitious victory for showrunner Ira Steven Behr and his team. As if that wasn't enough to make this episode worthwhile, it features the first times that DeForest Kelley and Nichelle Nichols played McCoy and Uhura — although by the time the episode aired, they were well-established characters to the loyal audience. Burns, Chet Richards, Judy Judy Burns, Chet Richards. That something turned out to be the Horta, an alien threat who isn't so sinister after all. Season 1 Remastered DVD Information". Cronin, Lee Lee Cronin. Staffel - Star Trek: By anime zwillinge final season of TNGthe series was beginning to strain to find new stories to tell about the much-loved cast.

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STAR TREK FULL EPISODES Retrieved from " https: By the time the 'The Visitor,' came along, my Aunt Clara, who raised me, had recently passed. Burns, Chet Richards, Judy Judy Burns, Chet Richards. The Next Generation 1. Those were the best of the Star Trek episodes. Fontana and others before the episode was shot, and decades later sued CBS for a share of profits from the episode.

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